three favorite places in Europe

After backpacking central Europe for a month, i want to share three of my favourite places I visited.
must gotthere #1: Prague

Prague was such an amazing place and I can’t wait to go back for so many reasons!! Firstly the history of Prague is so interesting. It avoided attack through WWI so the buildings are very detailed and some still have original paintings from the 14th Century. The Prague castle, is one of the largest in Europe and overlooks the city. I definitely recommend taking a tour and learning about its history. It is so beautiful and amazing by day and night.
Visit the Old Town Square, you’ll see the astronomical clock, which is shows the time zones of the world. Its architecture was once seen to be so beautiful that the designer of the tower had his eyes removed so that he could never create a building as beautiful as it.
here is some more information on the astronomical clock:
You will also see some the colourful houses on the south side of the square, one of which was home to Albert Einstein.
Try traditional Czech food too!! Both my friend and I agreed that it was the best food of the trip! It may not look so appetising but was sooooo good. Try the beef goulash or pork dumplings from any of the pubs. Also if you like beer you’ll be happy to know that it is cheaper then water. So if you are looking for a cheap holiday destination in Europe head to Prague!!

must gothere #2: Austria

Austria is another amazing place to visit. I went to Zell Am See for skiing and also Vienna. Even sitting on the train through Austria was exciting and seeing the picture perfect landscape. There is so much to see and the people were all very friendly and helpful. If you are looking to go skiing i recommend Zell Am See, it was not too busy and had great snow slopes. In summer, they use the lake for water activities.
Vienna was a much larger city in which we walked all day sight-seeing and shopping. There are some great museums and galleries to take in. I was only there for two days, but will definantly put it on my list for next time.
Vienna made number 13 for the top 25 holiday destinations in Europe in 2013. Find out more about it on trip advisor:

Must gothere #3: Berlin

Berlin was also an amazing city to visit in Germany. It has such rich German culture and many must see sights. If you are interested in Berlin’s colourful history visit the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It was such a powerful and emotional experience and really shocks and teaches you about what it would have been like in Germany during WW2. You can also visit the holocaust memorial or museum. I recommend doing one of the free walking tours, the tour guides take you to some amazing places and show you around the city while telling you about its history.

Here’s the link to find out more:

There are also some amazing museums and shopping streets to visit, and it is all easy to get to, using the transport system. The nightlife in Berlin is also huge. You’ll find something on every night of the week. Go on a pub crawl or visit a bar for something unique and exciting.

It’s hard to choose where to travel to in Europe but I hope my three must gothere places and included in your list!



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